Cameroon Announces Launch of New eVisa

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Cameroon has announced plans to introduce a new electronic visa (eVisa) system to allow foreign visitors to get their visa online.

The government of Cameroon has said it aims to have the eVisa platform live by the end of 2022.

Electronic visas are becoming more and more common worldwide, with Cameroon being the latest country to announce such an initiative. The digital systems are designed to improve border security, while making travel quicker and easier for passengers.

Travelers applying for a Cameroon visa will be able to do so online, without having to go to an embassy or consulate. There will be no need to go anywhere in person or any paperwork to deal with. Instead, visitors will simply fill in a short digital form using a computer or device.

The digitization of visas is the latest move in Cameroon’s plan to become a digital economy by 2035.

Cameroon Announces Launch of New eVisa

Who Is Creating the eVisa for Cameroon?

Cameroon’s eVisa platform will be designed and created by Impact Palmarès R&D SAS, a company from the Ivory Coast.

The Cameroonian government signed a deal with the Ivorian security and biometric solutions provider on April 1, 2022.

The details of the deal have not been made public, including the timeframe for developing the online visa system. However, it is known that Impact Palmarès R&D SAS will create the online portal to apply for eVisas for Cameroon as well as the system for processing and issuing these visas.

The firm is also going to install electronic visa authentication systems at all border entry points to Cameroon, including by air, sea, and land.

In addition, to the visa platform, Impact Palmarès R&D SAS is contracted to install the newest generation of biometric technology in Cameroonian embassies and consulates worldwide to allow the printing of biometric visas.

It will build a single secure system for all of Cameroon’s consular services. This will also include producing biometric consular cards, as well as other important diplomatic documents.

Giresse Tella, Chairman of Impact Palmarès R&D SAS, stated:

“I would like to reiterate my thanks to the high authorities of Cameroon for the trust placed in our company which augurs well for the future of cooperation between African countries.”

The company is also contracted by the government of Benin for a similar project.

Why Is Cameroon Implementing an eVisa?

Electronic visa systems are becoming more and more popular around the globe. Many states already have these handy systems in place and more countries, like Cameroon, are working to implement their own eVisa platforms.

The appeal of eVisas for travelers is the simplicity and ease of being able to apply online. The fact that most online visa platforms process applications much faster than embassies is also a big plus.

For countries like Cameroon, eVisa systems provide improved security and make processing visa requests more efficient.

The use of biometric technology is now a common feature of international travel. Having visas that contain biometric data and implementing systems that read this information electronically is the next step for Cameroon.

The country is committed to becoming a fully digital economy. The eVisa system is one of the ways Cameroon is modernizing its travel protocols.