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Australian eVisitor Visa for Citizens of France

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As EU citizens, French nationals can apply online for the Australian eVisitor visa from their homes or office comfort.

Travelers from France can complete an online application form with their details and receive their electronic visa within 24 hours without visiting a local Australian embassy or consulate. This online travel permit, which is free of charge, is valid for a full year and grants entry in Australia for 90 days.

Are French Nationals Required to Obtain a Visa for Australia?

Yes, travelers from France will need to obtain an Australian visa before traveling there. The online application for an Australian eVisitor for French citizens saves them the time and money they would otherwise spend on a visit to an embassy.

It is ideal for French citizens who are interested in visiting Australia for short-term stays for any of the following reasons:

  • Tourist activities: French passport holders visiting Australia for leisure, relaxation, or cultural visits
  • Business opportunities: French professionals and investors traveling to Australia for business purposes or investment opportunities
  • Short term studying and training courses: French citizens can stay in Australia and complete training courses provided they do not exceed 6 months.

French passport holders who want to visit Australia for other reasons such as full-time job seeking, long-term academic courses, or more extended stays must schedule an appointment at the Australian embassy in Paris and apply for a standard Australian visa.

What Are the Pre-Application Requirements for French Citizens?

Following Australia’s visa policies, the Home Office has published the necessary conditions that international travelers must meet to enter the country. French passport holders, in particular, must check they meet the following requirements before initiating their eVisitor application:

  • Having a passport from the French Republic with remaining validity of 6 months before their date of arrival
  • Submit an active email address which will be used for all communications, including the issuance of the Australian eVisitor

French travelers with a passport set to expire in less than 6 months, counting from their arrival date, must renew it before beginning the application process.

Special considerations before proceeding with the application process from France

The Australian Home Office recommends French visitors to read through international travel requirements for French citizens where their visa conditions are detailed.

Furthermore, French citizens holding dual nationality should note that the Australian eVisitor visa is electronically linked to the passport originally used to apply for the eVisitor. Travelers are only allowed entry into Australia if the passport connected to the Australian eVisitor is the same as the one they will use when reaching the country.

If for any reason, any of the French nationals have had their passport misplaced or stolen, they must reapply for a new eVisitor visa once a new passport has been issued to them.

French citizens planning a family visit to Australia must bear in mind that each applicant must arrive with their separate Australian eVisitor visa previously approved. This requisite includes underage travelers even when their details are included in their parent’s or guardian’s passport.

Application Process for the Australian eVisitor Visa from France

The request for the Australian eVisitor visa is quite simple. French travelers can easily apply online by entering their biographical and passport details on the application form. The form is available online and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Applicants must take care to ensure the accuracy of the data being entered. All the information entered must match exactly what is published on their passport. Any mistakes or typos could lead to a processing delay or even rejection of their application.

Evaluation Process of the Australian eVisitor for French applicants

Once French travelers submit their eVisitor request, the Australian Home Office inspects it. Australian authorities usually reply with the granting of the eVisitor within 24 hours. They will send the approved entry permit as a PDF attached by email. Nevertheless, French nationals are encouraged to apply at least a few days ahead of their intended date of travel to Australia to avoid unforeseen processing delays.

Once French travelers receive their awarded eVisitor visa, they must print out a copy and store it along with the rest of their documents before departing.

Traveling to Australia From France

Upon arrival, French visitors will have to display their eVisitor at passport controls and their passport to gain entry into the country. They must plan their entry and departure within the allowed 90 days that the eVisitor visa grants.

For those situations where they might need to prolong their visit, they must consider the eVisitor is not extendable. Therefore, they will have to request a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) before their actual eVisitor expires.

Application Steps

Complete online application
Confirm Payment
Receive approved Visa

Country policy

Australia Visa Policy


Learn about the visa policy of Australia and find out the travel requirements for visitors of your nationality.

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