How Long Does It Take To Get a Passport Expedited?

Sometimes, travelers need to obtain a passport urgently. In certain situations, the normal waiting time for a new passport can be expedited to ensure that the individual can travel when they need to.

Various countries offer such a service, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and many more.

In many cases, authorities will only expedite a passport request if the applicant has an urgent reason for traveling. This could be an emergency situation, the death of a family member, or the loss or theft of an old passport.

Travelers in this situation should also check if they need a visa or travel authorization to enter their destination country. The fastest way to obtain an entry permit is to apply for a visa online.

The information below outlines how long it takes to receive an expedited passport and how to get your passport the fastest way possible.

How Long Does an Expedited Passport Take?

The processing times for passports vary depending on the country. In situations where it is necessary to expedite a passport, it may also depend on the reason the document is needed urgently and the service used to apply.

Standard processing times for passports are usually at least several weeks. In many cases, it may take 2 months or more.

In situations where a passport is needed quickly, it may be possible to use a fast-track service to expedite the application. Again, the time taken varies depending on the country issuing the passport.

In general, expedited or fast-track passport services deliver the new passport within a few days to one (1) week. Some countries may be even quicker, while others may take more time.

Can you expedite a passport in 24 hours?

Some countries offer a same-day service, making it possible for travelers to receive their new passport on the day they apply.

In some cases, this may only be available in emergency situations.

Are expedited passports ever late?

It depends on the country and how fast the passport is needed. If the individual intends to travel the next day, it may be impossible to guarantee that the new passport will be ready in time. However, this depends on the country issuing the document, as well as other factors such as the current volume of pending passport applications.

Are There Extra Costs for Expedited Passports?

There are usually additional fees for expediting passport applications.

Countries that offer different options (such as within a few weeks, within 3 days, or same-day issue) will generally charge more for the faster options. The shorter the processing time, the higher the fee.

How to Get a Passport Fast

Depending on the country, urgent passport applications can either be done online or in-person at a passport office or equivalent. It may be necessary to make an appointment beforehand. Sending the application by mail may also be an option, depending on how soon you need the passport.

Many countries have an option for fast-tracking applications on the government website. This will usually involve completing a form and uploading any necessary documents, such as a photo.

Some countries, like the US, also have private passport agencies that deal with expediting passport requests on behalf of their clients.

Travelers who are currently abroad and need a new passport should contact the nearest embassy or consulate belonging to their country of nationality.

There may also be different ways of obtaining an expedited passport, depending on the reason for needing one. For example, the United States offers both a “Life-or-Death Emergency Service” and an expedited passport service for urgent travel plans at agencies and centers.

Reasons for expediting a passport

To get a passport faster than normal, you must generally have a good reason. Some countries, like the US, will only expedite a passport request for emergencies or urgent international travel plans.

In other cases, it may be possible to expedite a passport application for other reasons. For example, the UK government’s “1 week Fast Track” service allows the renewal or replacement of passports within one week without asking why. Australia also allows priority processing of passports for any reason.