What Is a Visa Sponsorship?

Sometimes a visa application also requires a visa sponsorship. This is when another individual or organization advocates for the applicant by supporting their application.

It is important to check visa requirements to see if this visa is needed before applying.

What Does a Visa Sponsorship Mean

A visa sponsorship means that a person or entity (a sponsor) is taking responsibility for you and your actions during your stay in that country.

The sponsor is essentially submitting a petition to the government asking for the visitor to be allowed entry.

There are many variations for visa sponsorship requirements, depending on factors such as the country and visa type.

There is usually a financial element involved, where the sponsor is declaring that they will support you financially if necessary.

Who Needs a Visa Sponsorship?

Depending on the country and purpose of your visit, you may or may not need a visa sponsorship. 

There are different circumstances that require a visa sponsorship, such as:

Financial Sponsorship

Often some countries, especially Schengen members, require you to provide proof that you will be financially stable during your stay.

This is usually done by providing bank statements as proof that you have sufficient funds. The amount requested depends on the individual requirements for that country and the type of visa.

If you cannot meet these financial requirements, a visa sponsorship is needed to state that they will cover your travel expenses while you are there.

Employment-Based Visa Sponsorship

Foreign nationals are often allowed entry into a country for employment purposes. 

Usually they need to be sponsored by an employer, who has given them an official job offer. 

The employer is stating that the visa applicant will be working for them, making them a legal working resident of that country.

Family Immigration Sponsorship

Family-based immigration is one of the most common types of sponsorship for countries like the United States and Canada.

A citizen or permanent resident of the relevant country could be eligible to sponsor another family member in their visa application.

Necessary Documents for a Visa Sponsorship

The process of providing a visa sponsorship depends on the individual country and its visa policy.

For visas such as the Schengen Visa, typical supporting documents are:

  • A signed letter by the sponsor
  • A scanned copy of the sponsor’s ID or passport
  • Documents stating the sponsor’s finances
  • Proof of address